I've got an e-mail sent by a friend telling about his amazing days in Europe traveling around Amsterdam, Athens, Greece, and Prague. He used an excellent hotel agency who had helped him arrange his Unforgettable moment in Europe. That's makes me feel jealous with him regarding his exciting travel experiences.

He told me that he will never forget his first Amsterdam experiences. Amsterdam has so much to see. Studded with canals and bridges, Amsterdam begs to be explored by food or bike. Amsterdam tours of the city will reveal the more than 40 museums. The famous Van Gogh Museum, the world's largest collection from the Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh(1853-1890)draws hundred of thousand of visitor each year. Also Dam Square, a town square in Amsterdam is best known for the famous historical site and monuments.

Next after Amasterdam he went to Athens. Athens has Temple of Olympus, Ancient Agora, Acropolis, and many old cultural riches. No trips to Athens would be complete without a visit to scared rock of the Acropolis an obvious choice for a fortress and sanctuary in ancient time.

He also told me that Greece is a country in Southern Europe with over a hundred inhabited islands therefore it's famous with island touring. Greece also has an ancient culture that has had a significant influence on the arts, language, philosophy, politics, and sports of western society, including the genres of comedy and drama, western alphabets, Platonic ideals and the Socratic method, democracies and republics, and the Olympics.

And the last place he told me that he went to Prague. According to my friend Prague is a great place to be any time of the year. Prague has so many beautiful historical sites such as Prague Castle, Old Town Square with very beautiful historical buildings surround the square , Wenceslas Square the largest and busiest shopping street in Prague, etc. Absolutely fantastic place for leisure, to explore architecture, and go shopping. There's something magic about that city!

He told me that it was because of he used Cheaperthanhotel services, so that he could enjoy all his time in Europe. Cheaperthanhotel gift him the best available services in assisting to find the best quality deal at the best possible price in our in Europe. Cheaperthanhotel have been providing online reservation service since 1996 for more than 30,000 hotels in 130 countries worldwide.

That's it. What an amazing experience my friend has had. That 's the reason I become jealous to him !!!

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RoSa said...

...hmmm, perjalanan ke Eropa memang selalu menjadi impian bagi semua orang kekna, salam kenal :)

Anonymous said...

kalau mau gratisan ke eropa salah satu caranya adalah memperbaiki bahasa inggris, kerja di perusahaan eropa di bagian pemasaran... :), sambil berdoa semoga ada training. weh tapi banyak cara koq menuju roma :D. met taon baru...

Anonymous said...

Artikel-artikel di blog ini bagus-bagus. Coba lebih dipopulerkan lagi di Lintasberita.com akan lebih berguna buat pembaca di seluruh tanah air. Dan kami juga telah memiliki plugin untuk Blogspot dengan installasi mudah. Salam!


AYN said...

@ Bung Aroengbinag:

Bener juga Bung...makanya di blog ini gue maksain nulis pake bahasa Inggris(sambil belajar, halah..)

Thanks atas komen 'n tips nya Bung..

@ Lintas berita:
Salam kenal..tuk admin-nya. Thanks ya..udah komen.

AYN said...

@ Rosa:
Sorry kelewatan...Emang bener....bikin jealous banget tuh...

Anonymous said...

wah gambarnya bagus juga tuh...sala...m kenal.

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